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Collaborative Fingerprinting Services has many options available to assist you with obtaining the information needed to complete employee on-boarding and vetting processes.  Electronic fingerprint based background check services are offered in-office and mobile for your convenience.  Name-based screening services can be initiated without the individual leaving their home and may be desired for certain situations such as:  new employees, volunteers, contractors or in-home service providers you may seek out, rental or leasing tenant vetting, to name a few.

What Background Checks We Offer

Electronic Background Checks

We offer background check processing for the State of Ohio and/or FBI background checks.  Collaborative is a WebCheck authorized location and this allows CFPS to submit request to the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Once the State of Ohio has received and processed your information, the State of Ohio serves as an authorized channeler with the credentials to submit your details directly to the FBI.

This option is typically used for those that are located in Ohio and maybe applying or renewing their Notary Commission, Nursing, Pharmacy, Real Estate licenses, etc.

Please review your requesters or specific licensing boards requirements to make sure the Electronic Background check is the correct option for you. 


Name-Based Background Screening

We are excited to announce...that we offer simple and affordable background services through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS).  Through our website, we can provide you complete employment screening solutions.  Our partnership provides you with secure and affordable access to a web-based multi-state criminal and sex offender directory that includes over 507 million criminal records.

NCS is committed to providing a quality and affordable background screening solution tailored to meet your criminal backoground search needs.

Please review your requirements to ensure a name based background screening is the appropriate option.

Electronic Background Check Pricing (Fingerprint Based)

Ohio BCI Electronic

  • WebCheck Method
  • Direct Copy to Select State Entities
  • Direct Mail to specified businesses
  • Fastest Response - 24 to 48 hours

FBI Electronic

  • WebCheck Method
  • Direct Copy to Select State Entities
  • Direct Mail to provided location
  • Guaranteed Results

BCI & FBI Combo

  • WebCheck Method
  • Direct Copy to select State Entities
  • Direct Mail to provided location
  • Bring Your Specific ORC Codes for Accurate Results

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